Why Do We Even Need Teeth (Especially Because My Dental Insurance Always Has Huge Co-pays)?

Check out the two photos which I've posted. Now tell me who do you think is healthier? Who do you think is happier? Who do you think enjoys her life more? And who would you rather be friends with? Luckily in this case, it turns out that they are photos of the same patient which I treated over a year long period. As you can see, having nice, healthy teeth really make quite the difference. It's true, your teeth do more than just chew and cut your food; they help you look good and feel beautiful. Here are some other things your teeth do for you which you may not be fully aware of:

(1) Better Speech: If you have a tooth or two missing, pronouncing "S" and "F" becomes more challenging. Now if you have all of your teeth missing, then speech in general becomes more difficult.

(2) Better Taste: Yes, teeth have nerve endings and contribute to better tasting your meals. Many people without teeth complain about a loss of taste and tend to enjoy their meals less.

(3) Improved Confidence: People with bad teeth or with missing teeth go out of their way to hide their teeth. Some even go to the extent of tilting their head when they are talking to you or learn to ope their mouth less when talking, all so that they don't show their teeth as much. On the opposite hand, those with a beautiful smile tend to show off their teeth at every opportunity they get. Instagram selfie anyone?

(4) Jawbone Preservation: Ever seen grandpa without his teeth and noticed how weak and fragile he looks? Losing your teeth gradually leads to bone loss in your jaws because one of the roles of your teeth is to preserve your jawbone. Most people with missing teeth for decades develop very weak and fragile jaw structure along with loose gum tissue. Not only does this make it more difficult to eat and speak, but it also affects your overall health, causing digestive and related medical problems and increases the possibility of jaw fracture and TMJ problems.

(5) Life Expectancy: That's right, people with all of their teeth missing tend to live a few years less as compared to those with healthy teeth on average.

I hope I've done enough to at least convince you to brush and floss your teeth really well tonight! If you're interested in replacing your missing teeth and you live in Southern California, then be sure to check out my website and request your complimentary dental implant consultation. Enjoy the rest of your day.
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